Our water softeners are brilliantly designed to work. Period.

A Kinetico Water Softener will provide your family with abundant clean, soft water on demand. From multitank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Kinetico covers all your options with over 30 water softener models to choose from. Ask us which water softener is right for you.

Kinetico Premier Series Water Softeners

          • Enjoy brilliantly simple, non-electric operation for unparalleled reliability and peace of mind
          • Protect water-using appliances, fixtures, plumbing, glassware and clothing from stains and scale buildup
          • Save time and money by using less detergents and soaps, yet enjoy a cleaner home
          • Say good-bye to brittle hair and dry skin

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Kinetico Signature Series Water SoftenersSignature Series Water Softeners

          • Non-electric operation for reliable and economical performance
          • Prevent stains and scale buildup on water-using appliances, fixtures and clothing
          • Use fewer cleaners and detergents, yet enjoy a cleaner home
          • Protect skin and hair from the damaging effects of hard water

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Kinetico Essential Series Water SoftenersEssential Series Water Softeners

  • Non-electric reliability and ingenuity in an affordable package
  • Protect water-using appliances and fixtures from stains and scale buildup
  • Use less detergents and soaps for easier cleaning, savings and softer skin and hair

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Powerline Water Softeners

Tough on hard water and iron, easy on the wallet

  • Extended life of water-using appliances and plumbing
  • Boosted performance of water-using appliances
  • Easier cleaning with better results
  • Reduction in soaps and cleaning products used
  • Softer, smoother hair and skin


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